Star Trek: The Original Series (1966-1969)

The Devil in the Dark

Jack's Rating:
pip pip pip pip pip Jack's Favorite

A mining colony on Janus VI is faced with death and destruction caused by a rock-like creature, the Horta, which turns out to be a mother trying to protect her eggs from the miners' equipment.

Stardate: 3196.1
Air Date: 03/09/67
Director: Joseph Pevney

Jack's Review
William Shatner rated this as his favorite...and I list it as mine as well. Even above "City on the Edge of Forever", "Arena", and "The Changeling". We have a touch of mystery, horror, action, and humor. Perfect Star Trek, my friends. Gene Roddenberry listed this as one of his ten favorite episodes in a TV Guide article in 1991, and legendary Sci-fi author Arthur C. Clarke recalled the only episode of Star Trek he could remember was this one!

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